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3 Kings is an American rap group from the “City of Trees”, better known as Sacramento, Ca. 3 Kings established in 2016 and shaped by Baby Bubb, Tre Mak, and Bugzy. All three members of the group are well established independent artists. Baby Bubb released his first album in 2004 called, “No Time for Play”, which featured such artist as the late great Mac Dre, T-Nutty, and Hollow Tip. Baby Bubb is known for more than just his tongue twisting flow, and clever punch lines. In 2011 Baby Bubb moved to Los Angeles to pursue a video production career with a major film company. Working on set with major actors and musicians like, Dion Taylor, Jamie Fox, and Method Man he is determined to bring a bit of his hometown to his new town. Baby Bubb is responsible for the production on the 3 Kings project, which he feels is the heartbeat of Sacramento talent, a beat the world needs to hear.

Tre Mak hit the industry at full speed back in 2004 with his debut solo titled, “The One”, which featured well known artists Keak Da Sneak, Yukmouth, Daz, and Noble (of The Outlaws). Eight songs off this album have been aired on numerous radio stations in California and surrounding states. Not long after Tre’s first release he put out 2 more projects, “So Filthy”, and “Golden State of Mind”. After blazing the internet up with the controversial "Fully Loaded Clip" video, and his appearances on songs such as "Knock a nigga Down" and Dj Quik & Kurupts "Cream", Tre Mak's buzz is still at an all-time high! Success happens when preparation meets opportunity, which is why Tre Mak (born H. Cole III) is an opportunity knock away from becoming a star. His lifestyle already mirrors the daily grind associated with that of an artist whom has already received a deal or has a major label push behind them.Bugzy started rapping at the young age of 12, and made his first professional appearance on a compilation titled, “S.M.D.” (Sacramento’s Most Dangerous) under the name Lil-g back in 1997.

Bugzy and Baby Bubb formed a group back in Jr. high called, “Self-Made”, releasing two albums before both artists decided to leave the group to pursue solo careers. Bugzy has released two solo projects, his debut album was titled “Bugzy” and he followed up with some of his best work on “No New Jack”. Bugzy’s 2007 release “No New Jack” featured a song called, “Can I touch Your Braids” that received a great amount of rotation on Sacramento’s hottest radio station KSFM 102.5. “Bring it Back Down” featuring Self Made affiliate Lo-Cell, was a crowd favorite at Bugzy’s performances. The talent, confidence, stage presence and essence that comes from this Highlands raised rapper has brought him to work with an assortment of idols and inspiring performers. Bugzy has had the opportunity to work and perform with Snoop Dogg, Andre Nickatina, Mac Dre, Yukmouth, E-40, The Federation, The Pack, Tech N9ne, Paul Wall and J-Bo from the Young Bloodz.

These 3 Kings have pushed the boundaries of what rap can sound like and how it can look. 3 Kings undoubtedly provide that in – your – face rap that hip-hop has been missing sense the takeover of the mumble rap. All three artists have cemented themselves as prime-time rappers in the late 90s and 2000s. No longer subject to the commercial expectations, unsigned and free of all crooked deals and unfavorable obligations. For better or worse, these 3 Kings decided to do their first collective release, and to stick to the formula that got them where they are today. The album, which is 12 tracks, is set to come out in May of 2017. 3 Kings is the kind of project that will satisfy die-hard, “Self-Made”, and Tre Mak fans but won’t change the minds of their haters! Their underlying concepts continue to add layers of depth to the artistry. When rappers grow in popularity, every next step towards success, becomes that much more important. Look for this album to catch the industry off guard.